Saudis attack Hafeez Al-Daradji and demand his expulsion from the “BeIN Sports” network

Algerian commentator Hafid Darraji was subjected to a severe attack by Saudis through their accounts on the social media platform “X”.

A Saudi citizen named Ali Yaqoub wrote through his account on the “X” platform: “If beIN respects us as Saudis, it must sooner than later expel this commentator. Aside from his provocations and slander against Saudi Arabia, he has previously caused problems with his colleagues on the channel, such as Issam Al-Shawali and Jawad Badda.” And the rest of his Moroccan colleagues, as well as the respected professor Ayman Jada and, more recently, Yasser Al-Qahtani and others.”

The same spokesman added, addressing BeIN officials: “O Violet, you know very well that the percentage of Saudis participating with you is very large, and I believe it exceeds 60%. Therefore, all we want is our respect and appreciation as brothers, cousins, and mujawarah, and the expulsion of this commentator who incites the Algerian media against Saudi Arabia.” “.

For his part, he described Nawaf Al-Asiya’s account Al-Daradji as a “mercenary” and wrote: “He used to say that it is impossible for Mahrez to come to Saudi Arabia, and in the end? He came.. He was saying that it is impossible for Saudi Arabia to host the World Cup, and in the end? Saudi Arabia hosted him alone… This mercenary carries an unnatural hatred towards Saudi Arabia… This mercenary lost his professionalism because of his hatred towards us.”

The sharp attack by the Saudis on commentator Hafeez Al Darraji comes because of his controversial comments about Saudi Arabia’s organization of the 2034 World Cup, as they see it as a provocation to them and a disparagement of Saudi Arabia’s capabilities to successfully organize the global football event.

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