Senegal players express solidarity with earthquake victims by writing on T-shirts

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Once again, the brotherly Senegalese people show that what unites us is many things, foremost of which is humanity. This people, to whom geography did not bind us, has connected us to affection, respect, mutual love, and solidarity.

One of the manifestations of solidarity between the two peoples is what was expressed by the Senegalese presidency, the government, various civil and political factions in Dakar, and with them the great people of Senegal on social media sites regarding the Al Haouz earthquake.

The latest of these manifestations were the messages of solidarity published by Senegal players yesterday in their elimination match against Uganda, where the players displayed expressions of solidarity with the Moroccans on their shirts in a way that makes us proud of the depth and strength of the relations that have linked us with them for a long time.

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