Spanish newspaper: The heroine of “Kiss” Rubiales is experiencing the most difficult period of her life

Heba Press – Agencies

Press reports revealed that the Spanish player, Jenny Hermoso, is living her most difficult period in the midst of the crisis that occurred after she was kissed by the President of the Spanish Federation, Luis Rubiales, during the coronation of her team in the Women’s World Cup.

Since the closing whistle of the Women’s World Cup between Spain and England blew, a spark of criticism and quick reactions ignited against Rubiales when he received the world champions on the podium to embrace Hermoso while blessing and kissing her, to issue several penalties on him, starting with his temporary suspension from FIFA. Until the completion of the investigations and the opening of an investigation by the Spanish deputy on charges of sexual assault.

And the newspaper “Marca” stated in a report: Jenny Hermoso is going through one of the most complex moments in her life, she finds herself in the center of news and media attention she is not used to, and she will have to deal with him until the outstanding issues with justice are resolved and she can travel to Mexico to start the football season. the new.

And she continued: Jenny spends these days with her family and close friends, her lawyers advised her to stay away from social media platforms and not respond to journalists, and they are still studying the possibility of filing a sexual assault report to the police.

And she continued: Hermoso intends to resolve the case until she travels to Mexico to join her team, Pachuca, and has not yet decided on the possibility of prosecuting Rubiales. Pachuca officials do not expect the arrival of their star soon, and they will work to remove her from the media once the matter is over, to focus only on football.

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