Sun Downs coach: “Al-Ahly Club is complaining about everything”

Rulani Mokoena, the South African coach of Mamelodi Sundowns, made exciting statements towards Al-Ahly of Egypt, before their match scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, in the second leg of the African League semi-finals.

Mokoena said during the pre-match press conference: “Al-Ahly complains a lot. I am surprised that they complain about everything.”

He added: “Before the match, they complained about its timing, and during the match they complained several times, and after the match they complained again about the refereeing.”

He continued: “We were the ones who were subjected to refereeing injustice in the first leg, and we should have complained, not them, and Al-Ahly always complains after every match it loses.”

It should be noted that Mamelodi Sundowns defeated Al-Ahly of Egypt in the first leg with an unanswered goal.

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