Sun Downs coach surprises Adel Ramzy with an exciting statement before the first leg of the African League final

Mamelodi Sun Downs coach Rulani Mokoena showed great knowledge of the Wydad Athletic Club and its coach, Adel Ramzy, before their match scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, in the first leg of the African League final.

Speaking at the pre-match press conference, Mokoena said: “Adel Ramzi is an ambitious coach, and he came with new ideas, and these ideas were inspired by the playing style of the Dutch team PSV Eindhoven, with whom he worked previously.”

He added: “We know Wydad Athletic Club well, and we know the characteristics of its players, and tomorrow’s match will be very difficult for both teams.”

Wydad Athletic Club will meet its South African guest, Mamelodi Sundowns, tomorrow, Sunday, starting at seven in the evening at Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca, for the first leg of the final of the first edition of the African League competition.

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