Sympathy with Palestine.. Mazraoui responds to the German media attack

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After declaring its sympathy for the Palestinian people, the German media launched a fierce attack against Moroccan international Nassir Mazraoui, Bayern Munich football defender.

Mazraoui did not stand idly by, but responded to the attack launched by the German media, saying in a media statement: “First of all, I would like to say; It’s really disappointing to have to explain what I stand for. There is a situation where thousands of innocent people are being killed. “My position is that I will work for peace and justice in this world.”

He added: “This means that I will always be against all kinds of terrorism, hatred and violence. This is something I will always stand behind.”

He continued: “For this reason, I do not understand why people think the opposite about me, and why I am associated with hate groups? Today is not about what he or she thinks. Innocent people are being killed every day because of this terrible conflict that has spiraled out of control. We all have to be against it and speak out against it. “This is just inhumane.”

He concluded: “Finally, I would like to make clear that it was never my intention to offend or harm anyone, consciously or unconsciously.”

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