Tangier hosts the Ilka Sailing World Championship

From October 15 to 22, the Bougaz Strait in the Gulf of Tangier will host the World Sailing Championships for under 21 years of age, with the participation of about 200 male and female competitors from 36 countries.

A statement from the Royal Sailing Club of Tangier, which organizes the championship under the supervision of the International Federation of the “Laser” class, stated that this “exciting event brings together young talents in sailing from all over the world,” adding that the international competition puts under the microscope the talent, competence and skills of young people, who are considered the future. Sail at the national and global level.

The participants, who are divided into 120 male and female competitors from 31 countries and 80 female competitors from 27 countries, began training at sea from October 6 to 15, through several rounds on courses designed to test their competencies, strategies and endurance.

On the other hand, in the same period, the halls of the Royal Boat Club in Tangier will witness training and guidance classes for the benefit of the participants, overseen by international supervisors, including Moroccans in particular who are known for their competence.

According to the organizers, this sporting event represents an opportunity to exchange expertise and experiences and is an opportunity for participants to discover the richness of Moroccan culture and to connect the bonds of friendship between sailors coming from different countries of the world in the embrace of a city with a long history full of international culture, a city that gives its visitors eternal memories.

It should be noted that the International Federation of the “Laser” category has been supervising the organization of international sailing championships in many cities in the world since 2003, and the inclusion of Tangier in the table of international competition circuits comes after the results achieved by the city of Al-Bogaz, not only on the economic and infrastructure levels, but also On the sports level, especially since the city of Bahrain has a history in the field of sailing, as the Royal Sailing Club in Tangier was founded in 1925.

In order to introduce this sport and bring it closer to the general public and the visiting public and to participate in the events of the World Championship, a village was created on the municipal beach adjacent to the recreational port in order to track the course of the race from the first day until the winners are crowned, in addition to displaying the stages of the competitions on the digital platform of the International Federation of the Game.

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