Tebboune receives the President of the Football Association in Algeria and orders him to withdraw from the Cannes organization race

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A miserable failure that Algeria is experiencing with its diplomacy, on which billions of dollars are spent annually from the money of the people, who flock in long queues for bread, milk, oil and other basic materials in several states in the country of oil and gas, from whose wealth the ruling military gang lives equally with France.

The Algerian failure this time was embodied in its race to organize the African Cup finals for the next three editions, which are 2025, 2027 and 2029. These are the tournaments that Algeria was hoping to organize one of its tournaments before it collided with the reality and truth that organizing Alkan needs real diplomacy and not just talk and talk. Media hype like that carried out by the sewage channels in the countries of the military and the mouthpieces of the regime, at the forefront of which is the “owner of the agency” in one of the Gulf sports channels.

Yesterday, the Algerian official news agency reported to us the news of Abdelmadjid Tebboune’s reception of the so-called Walid Sadi, president of the Algerian Football Federation, who was elected, and in another story, appointed, as head of the football apparatus in Algeria a few days ago in elections that witnessed a lot of confusion, accusations, and interference by the ruling authority.

Tebboune received Sadi, and minutes later, the mouthpieces of the Tebboune and Chengriha regime sounded to direct Algerian public opinion with the news that Algeria had decided to withdraw from organizing the continental championships for the coming years, knowing that it was well aware that organizing the Elkan was one of the seventh impossible in light of CAF’s tendency to grant the honor of organizing to those It is worthy, of course, for Morocco in the 2025 edition, Senegal in the 2027 edition, and Nigeria and Benin in the 2029 edition.

Algeria knew very well that Moroccan diplomacy was much stronger than its failed Algerian counterpart, and it was aware that competing with the Moroccan file was like a person who cannot swim and throwing himself in the course of a heavily moving river. Likewise, competing with the Senegal file was like an athlete of a heavy weight competing in a boxing match. Badminton is in front of a heavyweight champion, while Nigeria’s competition can be likened to a drunkard who thinks he can run a 100-meter race with a runner who specializes in short distances.

What is strange about our eastern neighbor is that, instead of being satisfied with the fait accompli imposed by field data, it is trying desperately to justify failure and failure by leveling accusations against Morocco at times, and by claiming the kidnapping of CAF at other times, and with strange things at other times, while it should have acknowledged the weakness of its diplomacy and its abject failure in front of the peoples. Africa is developing at the speed of “the brightness of Morocco”, relying on work, competence, seriousness, the spirit of responsibility and intelligence, while it is still with the mentality of the Tebboune and Chengriha regime, which has grown old and its capital has become talk that no longer enriches or satisfies hunger. May God help the rulers of Algeria. You can imagine the taste of bitterness when they suffer a new defeat, this time in the arts of sports diplomacy from the heart of Mama Africa, which they believed had an influence on its decisions…

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