The 33rd Tour of Morocco was postponed due to the Al Haouz earthquake

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The Directorate Office of the Royal Moroccan Cycling Federation decided, during a meeting held yesterday evening, Tuesday, in Laayoune, to postpone the 33rd edition of the Tour de Morocco, which was scheduled to be organized, under the high patronage of King Mohammed VI, in the period between 14 and 23 September of this month, as a result of the earthquake that occurred. It happened last Friday.

A statement from the Royal Moroccan Cycling Federation stated that the decision to postpone the Tour, organized under the supervision of the International Cycling Union, and with the support of the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports and the Moroccan National Olympic Committee, comes after all organizational, logistical and security arrangements were made to hold this international Tour, which was scheduled to take place. 20 professional teams from different continents of the world participate in it, and they have arrived in the city of Laayoune since September 7th.

The same source added that the members of the university’s administrative office, along with the components of the circumnavigation convoy, consisting of more than 400 people of different nationalities, expressed “their deep sorrow and compassion for the souls of the victims of this natural disaster, and their feelings of sympathy for their families and loved ones, hoping that God Almighty will speed up their recovery.” “Infected people.”

Members of the directorate’s office also expressed their gratitude for the high care given by King Mohammed VI to the injured and the bereaved families, highly appreciating all the high royal initiatives and directives aimed at alleviating the impact of this violent earthquake.

In a related context, the Directorial Office of the Royal Moroccan Cycling University took a package of decisions to engage in efforts to help people affected by the Al Haouz earthquake, the most important of which is contributing to Fund No. 126 for managing the effects of this strong earthquake.

Mohamed Belmahi was unanimously re-elected as President of the Royal Moroccan Cycling Federation for a new four-year term, during the regular general electoral assembly, held on Tuesday evening at the House of Culture in Laayoune.

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