The federations of Morocco, Portugal and Spain share their vision for organizing the 2030 World Cup

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The presidents of the football federations of Morocco, Portugal and Spain met today, Saturday, in Salé, to officially sign the letter of intent to host the 2030 World Cup and develop a common vision for hosting this global football event, according to the Royal Moroccan Football Federation.

The joint communiqué, which was issued following the meeting held at the Mohammed VI Football Center in Salé, stated that with the official launch of the nomination process by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), the presidents of the three federations met to confirm their interest in the nomination, which is the first stage in the FIFA nomination process, and to celebrate. Together with this official event.

According to the same source, Faouzi Lakjaa, President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, Fernando Gomes, President of the Portuguese Football Federation, and Pedro Rocha, President of the Spanish Football Federation, shared their vision for a tournament that enhances the legacy of the FIFA World Cup and the development of football while creating an impact in the whole world.

He added that the three countries have a firm desire to highlight their great football heritage, in addition to thousands of years of shared history, traditions and culture, with the aim of presenting a tournament based on the convergence of all countries of the world, and characterized by innovation and diversity.

In order to achieve this goal, the report continues, the World Cup will be organized in countries characterized by geographical proximity and ease of movement between them in order to provide a unique experience for the fans, which will be in the interest of football development.

The same source noted that the 2030 World Cup in Morocco, Portugal and Spain will be the first global tournament to be organized on two different continents and will be based on strengthening relations between Africa, Europe and the rest of the world, pointing out that this competition will constitute an opportunity to highlight the value of football, which is characterized by diversity and constitutes a basis for cooperation between countries and leaving a legacy. Socially in three countries and around the world.

In this context, Mr. Lakjaa stressed the historical importance of this joint organization of the global event between the two continents, saying, “The World Cup will help us unify our common culture that was founded more than 10 centuries ago, and the three countries share history and present and look forward to a prosperous and common future, which is “This confirms that cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean will bring prosperity to the peoples of the region.”

For his part, Mr. Gomez stressed that the common desire to organize the World Cup comes with the aim of leaving a mark in history on the part of the three countries, explaining that it is “a historical moment that constitutes the actual start of organizing the 2030 World Cup, and a wonderful occasion for us and of special symbolism, because it coincides with the celebration of the centenary of the World Cup.” the world. The 2030 edition will be a celebration of the history of the World Cup and its bright future.”

He added, “Thanks to the common desire and competence of the three football federations, I believe that the tournament will be a role model in the future for organizing global football events.” “It is our great ambition.”

For his part, Mr. Rocha highlighted the joint cooperation between football federations, countries and peoples, saying, “This nomination is a message of hope and common unity because this tournament will highlight common cultures, diversity, inclusivity and respect.”

He continued by saying, “It will be a global championship with a great social legacy that will remain immortal in the history of Morocco, Spain, Portugal and the rest of the world.” We have a joint project that will create excitement everywhere. Let’s turn dreams into reality.”

The same source indicated that regarding the stadiums of the three countries that will be determined in the final nomination file, the heads of the football federations confirmed that it is too early to make decisions in this regard until the completion of the ongoing studies by the technical committees.

The next stage in the process of submitting the 2030 World Cup nomination file will be the signing of the final agreement on the joint nomination file and its submission to the FIFA bodies at the end of next November.

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