The Gambian Federation: Organizing “Cannes 2025” in Morocco is a very positive and deserved development

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The Gambia praised Morocco’s victory in hosting the African Cup of Nations (CAN 2025).

The Standard newspaper reported that the Gambian Football Association congratulated the Kingdom of Morocco for winning the honor of organizing this African football event, noting that the President of the Gambian Federation, Lamine Kaba Bajo, described CAF’s decision to base the organization of Cannes 2025 on Morocco as “a very positive and well-deserved development.” “.

She added, quoting Lamine Kaba Bajo, that with its high-quality infrastructure, there is no country worthy of hosting the 2025 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations like Morocco.

Bago noted the African interest in Morocco, which has continued for years to open its stadiums and sports equipment for the benefit of African national teams, including Gambia.

Pageau said that the various Moroccan teams continue to achieve exceptional achievements during world football championships, the latest of which is the achievement of the Atlas Lions, who became the first African and Arab team to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar, stressing that these achievements are the result of the investments made by Morocco over the years.

He pointed out that Morocco has the right to be proud of its achievements, expressing his confidence that the Kingdom is capable of organizing an exceptional football event.

Last Wednesday, the Executive Committee of the Confederation of African Football, unanimously among its members, chose the Kingdom of Morocco to host the thirty-fifth edition of the African Nations Championship, which will be held in 2025. Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have also been selected to host the 2027 edition of the tournament.

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