The head of the German-Israeli Association drags Mazraoui to court because of his support for Palestine

Volker Beck, President of the German-Israeli Association, said that he filed a criminal complaint against Moroccan international Nassir Mazraoui, Bayern Munich defender, because of his post in support of the Palestinians.

Beck (62 years old) said in statements to the German newspaper “Bild” yesterday, Wednesday, that he had filed a complaint with the Munich police and the public prosecutor, noting that approving crimes against humanity is a matter that requires punishment.

Mazraoui had posted a video on social media in which he wished the Palestinians victory, following the October 7 attacks on Israel by the Hamas movement, which Germany, the European Union, the United States, and other countries classify as a terrorist organization.

Beck added that Mazraoui’s statement, which included the phrase “Help our affected brothers in Palestine to achieve victory,” can only be understood as support for Hamas after the “October 7 massacre.”

He added: “Even after what Mazraoui said, we simply cannot forget that.”

Beck explained: “Bayern’s way of dealing with the matter was sad. I hope that the judiciary will make the club’s management realize the dimensions of the incident.”

Bayern had decided not to punish Mazraoui after talks with the club’s management, which was also criticized by Beck, who was a member of parliament for the Green Party between 1994 and 2017, and head of the party’s parliamentary bloc until 2013.

Bayern’s decision not to punish Mazraoui caused criticism of the club from the Central Council of Jews in Germany as well as the club’s fans association.

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