The Nottingham player was choked after a verbal altercation. The Manchester City star was expelled from the match

Heba Press – Agencies

Rodri, the Manchester City star, received a direct expulsion, the first in his career, after he clashed with Morgan Gibbs-White, the Nottingham Forest player, in the match that brought them together, on Saturday evening, in the sixth round of the English Premier League.

In the 46th minute of the second half of the match, player Gibbs White intervened forcefully on Rodri, which greatly angered the Manchester City star due to his rare temper. It appeared that the Nottingham player directed some offensive words at him, making Rodri become even more agitated and strangled Gibbs, who fell to the ground in pain. The referee announced the direct expulsion of the City star.

After returning to the video referee technology, the referee confirmed his decision and expelled the Spanish star, so that City completed the match with 10 players, despite their lead by two goals without a response.

Rodri is expected to miss the next 3 matches with Manchester City.

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