The president of a Colombian team was assassinated due to losing a match

Heba Press – Agencies

The Tigres club, which belongs to the Colombian second division football league, announced that its president, Edgar Báez, was killed by a gunshot after the team’s defeat at its stadium last Saturday.

Local media reported that Baez (63 years old) was returning home in a car with his daughter after the 3-2 loss to Atletico and was killed by two people on a motorcycle near the stadium.

His daughter survived the accident without harm, and the authorities opened an investigation into the accident.

The club said in a statement: The Tigres family and the sports community are in a state of collapse after this incident.

Fernando Jaramillo, president of the Colombian Professional League, said in Baez’s obituary: “His commitment and dedication to the development of sports in our region left an indelible mark. It was a privilege to know him.”

He added: He always enjoyed the respect of his friends because of his strong and respectful stances and his love for the sport, which we all feel passionate about.

The teams will observe a minute of silence in memory of Baez in the next two rounds of matches.

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