The President of the Kabylie Republic congratulates Morocco on receiving the honor of organizing the 2030 World Cup

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Farhat Mhanni, President of the Kabylie Republic, congratulated Morocco on having the honor of organizing the 2030 World Cup competitions alongside Spain and Portugal, at a time when the Mouradia Palace fell silent due to the impact of the shock.

Farhat Mhanni tweeted on his official account on the “AK” website (formerly Twitter), saying: FIFA World Cup 2030. Morocco was crowned as a co-organizer of the global event along with Spain and Portugal. The Kabylie region extends its congratulations to the great brotherly Moroccan people for honoring Africa in general and North Africa in particular. History will remember that this remarkable success was achieved under the brilliant reign of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.”

The Kabylie region is a cultural and natural region in northeastern Algeria, covering several states: Boumerdes Province, Tizi Ouzou Province, Bejaia Province, Bouira Province, Medea Province, to the north Bordj Bou Arreridj Province, Setif Province, Jijel Province, Mila Province, to the west Province. Skikda.

The region’s residents speak the Amazigh language and a tribal dialect, in addition to colloquial Arabic. The classical Arabic language is used in official documents and charters, as the population of the Kabylie Republic is estimated at about three million people.

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