The Professional League punishes Raja Athletic Club

The Disciplinary Board of the National Professional Football League decided to punish the Raja Athletic Team, on the sidelines of its match against Shabab Al-Sawalem, in the ninth round of the league.

The league said in a statement that it had decided to “fine Raja Sports Club an amount of 25,000 dirhams for its fans’ use of artificial meteors, while recording a case of recidivism, in accordance with the requirements of Articles 105 and 77 of the Disciplinary Code.”

It also decided to fine the Green Team “an amount of 5,000 dirhams for throwing projectiles at its fans, in accordance with the requirements of Article 105 of the Disciplinary Code.”

It should be noted that Raja Athletic Club’s match against its host Shabab Al-Salem ended in a goalless draw between the two sides.

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