The Spanish Federation apologizes for Rubiales’ “kiss” and confirms: “His behavior harmed the values ​​of society.”

Heba Press – Agencies

The Spanish Football Federation apologized for its president, Luis Rubiales, “kissing” player Jenny Hermoso after winning the Women’s World Cup last month, considering that this behavior harmed the values ​​of Spanish society and its sport in general and football in particular.

Pedro Roca, the president-designate of the Spanish Federation, expressed his apology for Rubiales’ behavior in a statement on Tuesday in which he said: The Federation does not acknowledge or approve of Rubiales’ actions. On the contrary, it feels ashamed of what happened.

He continued: This behavior harmed football and sports in Spain, as well as the values ​​of Spanish society, and it does not represent the values ​​that the federation defends, and his actions should be attributed to him alone without generalizing to others, and he is responsible for them.

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