The United Nations criticizes the hijab ban on French female athletes

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The United Nations sent a letter to the French Olympic Committee protesting and opposing the decision to prevent Muslim athletes representing France in the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games from wearing the hijab.

On Tuesday, the French “RMC” Radio website published a clip of the protest correspondent that arrived after the statements of the French Minister of Sports, Amelie O’Dea Castera, when she opposed female athletes wearing the hijab during competitions, and insisted on revealing themselves in order to allow them to compete in the 2024 Olympics. .

The United Nations stated in this regard: “No one is authorized to impose a dress on a woman, whether she wants to wear it or abandon it, and we will work to end every decision that excludes people socially, culturally, or athletically, when it causes them to feel inferior or superior to another person.”

The official spokeswoman for the international body, Marta Hurtado, added: “These discriminatory decisions may cause undesirable results, and according to international human rights standards, restrictions imposed on religions and beliefs, including the choice of clothing, are acceptable only in very limited circumstances, provided that they respond to concerns.” “Legitimate public security.”

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