The university refutes false news published by a Spanish newspaper regarding Yamin Lamal

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The Royal Moroccan Football Federation completely refuted what was reported by the Spanish sports newspaper AS in its article published today by its writer Joaquin Ma Roto, in which he touched on the pressures that the Spanish player of Moroccan origins, Lamine Yamal, is subjected to by trying to tempt him financially to join the Moroccan national team.

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation confirmed that what was stated in the aforementioned article is false and not based on any evidence, especially since it respected the choices of the player Lamine Yamal, like other Moroccan players of Moroccan origins who chose other teams, despite the great efforts made by the concerned authorities around the world. The world to convince emerging players in legal and legitimate ways by presenting future projects and goals determined by the technical departments of the national teams in all their categories.

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