Tunisian journalist: “The world has come to know Morocco after the Qatar World Cup, and they will discover the Kingdom in 2030.”

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There is no talk in the international press and major international channels except about FIFA granting the honor of organizing the 2030 World Cup to Morocco equally with Spain and Portugal.

The Tunisian media, in turn, talked about the important event, considering the value and prestige of the most expensive world championship in history, as Morocco will represent the entire continent of Africa and the Arab countries in organizing the global forum.

In this regard, a Tunisian journalist said on one of the local channels: “The world has come to know Morocco after the Qatar World Cup and the historic achievement of Moroccan football. Billions of people have come to know the country.”

The Tunisian analyst added in a live television interview, saying: “The world as a whole will discover the Kingdom and its capabilities in 2030. I am sure Morocco will present the best picture and will be on time.”

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