UEFA: A minute of silence in all matches to mourn the victims of the Moroccan earthquake

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The European Football Association (UEFA) called for a minute of silence in all matches from tomorrow until the 21st of this month, in mourning for the victims of the earthquake in Morocco.

By one o’clock in the afternoon, the earthquake victims witnessed an increase in the number of deaths, reaching 1,037 people and 1,204 injured, including 721 in critical condition.

The deaths affected 9 provinces and provinces, as 542 deaths were recorded in Al Haouz Province, 321 cases in Taroudant Province, 103 cases in Chichaoua Province, 38 cases in Ouarzazate Province and one case in Tinerhir.

While no new cases were recorded for the prefectures and provinces of Marrakesh, Azilal, Agadir Edoutnan, Greater Casablanca and Youssoufia.

The public authorities continue to mobilize all necessary human and logistical means, in addition to recruiting specialized intervention units consisting of search and rescue teams, while the various health facilities in the affected areas are witnessing a comprehensive mobilization to provide the necessary treatments.

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