Will Walid Regragui’s list include new names during the next assembly?

National voter Walid Regragui’s list for the next assembly is attracting attention, as observers wonder about the possibility of calling new names to the Moroccan national team, new players who have never played under his leadership.

This concerns in particular the full-back Hamza Mendil, the Belgian player for Leuven.

The matter may seem very difficult for a good reason, which was previously confirmed by Walid Regragui a while ago when he said that the time for experimentation has passed, and the time for confirmation has come, meaning that the national team no longer needs to experiment or test any other player, given that the priority for the national voter currently is Work to increase the level of understanding and harmony between players.

Mendel has been absent from the ranks of the Moroccan national team for 3 years now, as his last presence with the Lions dates back to November 17, 2020, during the national team’s victory over the Central African national team (2-0) in the 2021 African Cup of Nations qualifiers, a match during which he remained He was held in reserve and did not participate. At that time, Walid Halilhodzic was the Lions coach.

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