With the participation of famous wrestlers.. “GLORY COLLISION 6” in the Netherlands

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GLORY COLLISION 6 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 4 at the GelreDome in Arnhem, Netherlands, with a lineup of amazing bouts featuring famous wrestlers.

The undisputed king of heavyweight kickboxing will be decided this evening, as current champion Rico Verhoeven (60-10, 20 KOs) will face his most dangerous opponent yet, interim heavyweight champion Tariq “Cookie” Osaro, a Dutchman of Nigerian descent. 25- 2-1, 13 Cor.

In the co-main event, another undisputed champion, Donji Abena (26-9, 7 KOs), will be crowned and will face his fierce Moroccan rival, Tarek Khababez (49-10-1, 28 KOs), winner of 48 fights. Both men enter with a belt, but only one will walk out with the gold.

The welterweight category will witness the participation of the highest-ranked stars, with the return of Moroccan Hamisha (40-2, 30 KO) after injury and the winner of his four fights with Glory, who will face Diaghi Camara (24-4-1, 10 KO). ) and Jay Overmyer (29-5, 15 KO) will face Chico Kwasi (41-5, 22 KO).

It’s also a big evening at middleweight, as Serkan Ozcacalayan (45-8, 36 KO) faces Ulrike Bukemi (31-4, 17 KO) and Moroccan Elias Hammouche (33-6, 7 KO), whose fight he won at Glory 89 in Paris. vs. Ivan Galaz (58-10-1, 15 KO).

A huge featherweight confrontation between number one Abraham Vidalis (15-2, 12 KO) and number two Ahmed Sheikh Moussa (58-8-1, 28 KO), in addition to an exciting light heavyweight match between Moroccan Ibrahim Al-Bouni (41-8). -1, 22 KO) Winner of his three fights with Glory and Stefan Latescu (16-2, 7 KO).

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