World Cup 2030.. Vice President of the Bahraini Federation congratulates Morocco

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Vice President of the Bahrain Football Association, Sheikh Khalifa bin Ali bin Isa Al Khalifa, congratulated the President of the Royal Football University, Fawzi Lakjaa. On the occasion of the Kingdom of Morocco’s victory in hosting the 2023 World Cup in a joint bid with Spain and Portugal.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Ali bin Isa Al Khalifa expressed the Bahrain Football Association’s congratulations to the Moroccan brothers for obtaining international confidence to host the World Cup, the largest international event for national football teams.

He stressed that international hosting will pave the way for the sisterly Kingdom of Morocco to demonstrate the distinguished steps and various successes that Moroccan football has recorded in the international arena, especially after the distinguished and remarkable appearance in the last edition of the World Cup, through which attention was drawn to Morocco as a strong team that competed against the top international teams and scored. Good results and has reached advanced stages.

The Bahraini football official praised the great efforts made by the brothers in the Moroccan Football Federation, by preparing the integrated joint file, which gained international confidence.

The Vice President of the Bahrain Football Association renewed his praise for the distinguished efforts made by the brothers in charge of the joint Moroccan bid with Spain and Portugal to host the World Finals, wishing them success in organizing an exceptional and successful tournament in all its aspects.

At the conclusion of his statement, the Vice President of the Bahraini Football Association expressed the pride and pride of the Bahraini Football Association in being supportive and supportive of its Moroccan counterpart in this important step that enhances the Arab presence in the international football arena, and reflects the outstanding progress enjoyed by Arab football, which is referred to as Lebanon, by playing… An important role in the global scene through a series of technical and administrative gains and successes.

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